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GTA 5 AI Mod Allows Players To Speak To NPCs

GTA 5 AI Mod Allows Players To Speak To NPCs


A modder with prior experience in AI modifications, Bloc, has recently unveiled a novel mod for Grand Theft Auto V, enabling NPCs to engage in AI-driven conversations with players. Video Games Chronicle was the first to report on Bloc’s latest creation.

The Sentient Streets mod introduces a narrative layer to the game by harnessing more than 30 AI models. Bloc’s description adds that players can “have open-ended conversations in real-time with eccentric cult members, cunning police officers, and unsuspecting civilians.” Check out the video below, showcasing these new functionalities.

In the demo scenario, Bloc steps into the shoes of a police officer, accompanied by three colleagues, and must select an appropriate partner officer. You do so by interacting and asking questions using AI-powered mechanics.

The officers’ responses are generated through the AI interpretation of the inquiries, resulting in interactions that mirror distinct personalities–ranging from friendly and tough to flirty. The underlying AI technology is based on Inworld AI, a character engine, complemented by text-to-speech software from ElevenLabs for generating realistic NPC voices.

Bloc’s creation reflects a growing trend in the gaming industry that strives for more fluid and spontaneous player-NPC exchanges. Nvidia recently introduced Nvidia ACE, a development tool targeting game developers seeking to infuse their NPCs with intelligent natural language capabilities.

Many major players in the video game industry have embraced the possibilities of generative AI, especially the technology that has grown more mainstream in recent months. For example, in April, World of Warcraft Classic now has something that still isn’t present in the modern version of Blizzard’s MMORPG thanks to this tech: full NPC voice acting.

Grand Theft Auto 6 may release as soon as 2024.

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