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Apex Legends Death Dynasty Collection Event – New Revenant Heirloom, Free Loot, And Double XP

Apex Legends Death Dynasty Collection Event – New Revenant Heirloom, Free Loot, And Double XP


Halloween may still be a few months away, but Respawn is kicking off the spooky season early with the release of Apex Legends’ new Death Dynasty Collection Event, which will be live for the first two weeks of Season 18: Resurrection. Meant to celebrate Revenant’s rebirth, the collection includes 24 new premium cosmetic items with a vampiric theme. Players who collect them all will earn Revenant’s new Death Grip Heirloom Set.

In addition to the sanguine cosmetic collection, the Death Dynasty Collection Event also gives players the opportunity to take advantage of some unique benefits. In addition to a surprisingly high-quality free reward track, the event also includes a massive XP boost to help players get a head start on their Resurrection battle pass.

For the entirety of the event, players can earn double XP by playing specific game modes. This XP boost also stacks with the XP boosts found in the Resurrection battle pass–which themselves stack among party members–so players hoping to make quick progress on their Season 18 battle pass should definitely make the most of this opportunity by squadding up with friends and playing the appropriate game modes. Double XP will be awarded in the following modes:

When it comes to free loot, players are likely to be pleased with Death Dynasty’s offerings. Apex’s free reward tracks can sometimes be a little underwhelming, but it’s clear that a good amount of thought and effort were put into the cosmetic designs. Players can earn these items by collecting Event Points (EP), which are earned by completing challenges from the “Event Challenges” tab located on the upper-right side of the main lobby screen. All items included in the Death Dynasty free reward track–and the amount of EP needed to unlock them–are listed below:

  • 250 EP: Death Dynasty universal banner badge
  • 500 EP: 10 battle pass stars
  • 750 EP: What’s Your Name universal holospray (Epic)
  • 1,000 EP: 3 battle pass stars
  • 1,250 EP: Midnight Meltdown Caustic banner frame (Epic)
  • 1,500 EP: Face Your Demons universal holospray (Epic)
  • 2,000 EP: Blood Drop weapon charm (Epic)
  • 2,500 EP: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 3,000 EP: 3 battle pass stars
  • 3,500 EP: 25 Crafting Metals
  • 4,000 EP: Blood Reaper Rampage weapon skin (Epic)
  • 5,000 EP: Twilight Torturer Caustic legend skin (Epic)

As you can see, this event’s free rewards are epic in every sense of the word, with no Rare- or Common-tier items in sight. In addition to all the high-tier loot, players who complete the free reward track will also earn 50 Crafting Metals and 16 battle pass stars, which will instantly boost their battle pass by a little over one-and-a-half levels. On top of that, the event’s free cosmetics all match the color scheme of the premium Collection Event cosmetics, so players who doesn’t normally bother with free reward track cosmetics might want to rethink their stance this time around.

Speaking of premium cosmetics, the 24 cosmetic items making up the Death’s Dynasty Collection can be obtained either by purchasing them directly with Apex Coins, crafting them with Crafting Metals, or opening Death Dynasty Event Packs, which are special Apex Packs that cost 700 AC ($7 USD) and each unlock one random item from the Death Dynasty Collection (along with two items from the evergreen loot pool).

All items included in the Death Dynasty Collection are listed below, along with their prices.

Epic-tier items (available for 1,000 Apex Coins or 800 Crafting Metals):

  • Ready Set Ghoul Octane legend skin
  • Death Moon Seer legend skin
  • Soulless Huntress Vantage legend skin
  • Blood Gripped EVA-8 weapon skin
  • Blood Revolution Devotion weapon skin
  • Plasmatic Precision Charge Rifle weapon skin
  • Ritual Ascension Catalyst banner frame
  • Summoning Fury Crypto banner frame
  • Cosmic Horror Horizon banner frame
  • Dusk Descent Loba banner frame
  • Final Farewell Rampart banner frame
  • Gothic Gateway Wraith banner frame

Legendary-tier items (available for 1,800 Apex Coins or 2,400 Crafting Metals):

  • Void’s Vassal Wraith legend skin
  • Darkwatcher Crypto legend skin
  • Hellforger Rampart legend skin
  • Hell’s Bane Loba legend skin
  • Crimson Goddess Catalyst legend skin
  • Brood Anomaly Horizon legend skin
  • Exsanguinator R-99 weapon skin
  • Blood Bolt Longbow weapon skin
  • Sanguine Sidearm Wingman weapon skin
  • Ethereal Heresy CAR SMG weapon skin
  • Soul Devourerer Havoc weapon skin
  • Blood Rage Rampage weapon skin

Players who collect all 24 Death Dynasty Collection cosmetics will also earn Revenant’s new Death Grip Heirloom Set, which includes the following Mythic-tier items:

  • Death Grip Heirloom Weapon
  • Soul Sacrifice Revenant banner frame
  • Fight Your Demons Revenant emote

The cheapest way to unlock Revenant’s shiny new scythe is to use Crafting Metals to craft as many of the event’s Epic-tier items as possible, then obtain the remaining cosmetics by purchasing and opening Death Dynasty Event Packs, which are 700 AC ($7 USD) each. This will ensure you obtain the Death Grip Heirloom Set for 16,800 AC ($168 USD) or less, depending on how many items you’re able to craft.

Keep scrolling for a detailed look at each of the cosmetic items included in both the free reward track and the premium cosmetic collection. The Death Dynasty Collection Event ends on Tuesday, August 22 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, so be sure to sink your teeth into your favorite cosmetics before they’re gone for good, and stay tuned for more Apex Legends news as Season 18: Resurrection continues.



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