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Game Pass Releases For February 2024 Include Football, Zombies, And AI

Game Pass Releases For February 2024 Include Football, Zombies, And AI


The next wave of Game Pass additions have been announced, and in February, you can look forward to hard-hitting football, a fun metroidvania, and a mischievous cat wrecking your attempts to clean up your home.

Available now, Anuchard is an adventure game where you take on the mantle of the Bellwielder of the magical Audros Bell. Inspired by classic games like The Legend of Zelda, you can explore dungeons, battle monsters, and solve puzzles in your journey to save the say. On February 7, locomotive enthusiasts can strap themselves in for Train Sim World 4 and explore various routes, master one of several iconic trains, and freely roam the countryside in this on-rails experience.

For anyone looking to capture the magic of the Super Bowl, Madden NFL 24 will be available with EA Play. The remake of Resident Evil 3 joins Game Pass on February 13. This is a much shorter Resident Evil game when compared to the remake of Resident Evil 2, but it’s still a good-looking dive into survival-horror fun while you avoid the clutches of Nemesis.

February 14 sees A Little to the Left arrive in the Game Pass library. This is a fun game that’ll appeal to anyone who enjoys order in their lives, as you’ll be tasked with sorting postcards and cutlery, stacking documents, and solving puzzles. Just watch out for the playful cat, as it’s an agent of chaos and is ready to pounce. On the same day, metroidvania Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will be added to Game Pass. If you’re in the mood to spend Valentine’s Day with an exploration-focused action game inspired by the greatest hits of the genre, this is a good option.

PlateUp is a mix of classic cooking action with roguelite progression on February 15. Cook dishes, build a culinary kingdom, and unlock new abilities in solo or co-op with this main dish. Finally, Return to Grace will be available on February 20. Set in a groovy ’60s retro sci-fi world, you’ll go on an adventure with various AI personalities as you uncover the great mystery of why the mega-AI Grace was shut down so many years ago.

Two games will be leaving Game Pass this month, and you’ve only got until February 15 to try them out or earn any outstanding achievements. As a reminder, you can use your membership discount to save up to 20% on these games if you decide to purchase them.

Game Pass February 2024 wave 1 additions

Available Today

  • Anuchard (Cloud, Console, and PC)

February 7

  • Train Sim World 4 (Cloud, Console, and PC)

February 8

  • Madden NFL 24 (Console and PC)

February 13

  • Resident Evil 3 (Cloud, Console, and PC)

February 14

  • A Little To The Left (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (Cloud, Console, and PC)

February 15

  • PlateUp! (Cloud, Console, and PC)

February 20

  • Return to Grace (Cloud, Console, and PC)



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