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Death Stranding Clears 10 Million Players Worldwide

Death Stranding Clears 10 Million Players Worldwide


Kojima Productions has announced that over 10 million players have played Death Stranding since the original version’s release exactly three years ago on November 8, 2019.

This milestone accounts for all versions of the game and across all platforms it was released on, including subscription services such as PlayStation Plus and PC Game Pass. The original Death Stranding was first released on PlayStation 4, and then 505 Games published the PC version in July 2020. This version was also released on PC Game Pass this past August.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut launched on PlayStation 5 in September 2021 and then came to PC in March earlier this year. It brought extra content in the form of expanded areas and extended storylines.

While a sequel to the game hasn’t been officially announced, actor Norman Reedus seemingly confirmed that one is currently in development. Additionally, some screenshots leaked featuring actress Margaret Qualley in Overdose, reportedly one of Hideo Kojima’s next projects.

For now, all we know is that he’s working on an exclusive game for Xbox, leveraging Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure.

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