Several fixes for multiple missions will be added, as a number of these “Gigs” had issues where elements weren’t being properly triggered inside of the game. Visually, you’ll see Night City residents carrying umbrellas, various floating items will rediscover the pull of gravity, and a bug related to missing collisions won’t make you fall through the map. As for gameplay, it’ll be possible to craft a legendary variant of the Amnesty Iconic revolver, clothing bonuses related to Quickhack cooldowns and crit damage will start working, and weapons will be able to deal more explosive damage.

Patch Notes:

God of War Ragnarok is almost here and it goes without saying that this is one patch that you’ll definitely want to install before booting up the game, as it seems to fix a wide variety of bugs, crashes, and other technical issues that would otherwise mar your experience.

Patch Notes:

Halo Infinite Winter Update weapon changes:


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