Warzone 2.0 launches today and Activision is marking the end of the original Warzone with a Twitter post asking fans to press F to pay respects. This of course being a call back to the popular meme. Warzone Caldera, as it will be called, will be offline for 12 days, returning November 28, if all goes to plan. Activision will continue to support the game, but the extent to which it will do so is unknown.

The Season 1 patch notes include a range of weapon balancing changes, including the M4 seeing hip spread reduction, the Kastov 545 having its ADS speed increased, and a general nerf for a variety of guns like the Lockwood 300, which sees its damage range reduced.

In terms of new content, Modern Warfare II multiplayer adds a small new map, Shoot House, and a new Operator, Zeus (he can be unlocked instantly by purchasing the battle pass). The new hardcore mode, which is now called Tier 1, is also now live in Modern Warfare II, but the CDL Moshpit playlist has been delayed.

Also new in Warzone 2.0 today is DMZ, in which players work together to complete objectives. There are locked areas on the map that players can open with specific keys once they find them. Players will fight against other human and AI characters with the aim of getting to the chopper at the end for exfil.

Full List of patch notes:



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