The first major battle of Unicorn Overlord ends with a fight against the main antagonist of the game, which can be pretty brutal if you aren’t prepared. While the combat itself in Unicorn Overlord is automatic, this fight requires some very careful planning, especially when it comes to the composition of your units. Here’s what makes Galerius so tough and how to counter him.

Galerius abilities

Galerius is level 10 in this fight, with a little over 150 HP. There are two main reasons why this boss fight is incredibly tough. First, Galerius has an ability that automatically knocks every member of the attacking unit down to 1 HP. This move cannot kill, but it does get used every time you fight Galerius. Second, he is incredibly resistant to physical attacks, limiting most attackers’ damage to 15 or less. Galerius’ armor also negates the first two attacks he receives. He is set up in a garrison with two other knights, who are relatively weak, but do respawn whenever the garrison completes a heal. Here’s the units you need to have, alongside the strategy for defeating Galerius.

How to beat Galerius

Your Galerius fighting unit should consist of a thief on the frontline and magic users behind them.
Your Galerius fighting unit should consist of a thief on the frontline and magic users behind them.

The Galerius fight comes at the very end of “The Priestess, Abducted” mission, after you fight a bunch of other units and take a city. This is important, because you will want to have revive and healing items ready, just in case your Galerius fighting unit gets knocked out during the mission.

The first unit you will need requires a thief and a magic-wielding fighter, like the Witch and Shaman. The thief joins your squad as part of the main story prior to this fight, but the magic wielders are found as part of side quests. The Witch can be found in the swamps in the southwest part of Cornia in Lebouge Hamlet and the Shaman can be found in the southeast, near Fort Lonteria.

You will want the thief on the front line, since their Evade ability allows them to dodge at least one attack. The thief will also do a double attack, which will get through the Galerius’ buff that nulls two attacks. You will want your magic users–the more the better–on the backline so they don’t get targeted. If you want to acquire a third magic user, you can hire one at a conquered garrison on the overworld map.

The second unit doesn’t need to be too specific, you just need some high damage dealers to take down the two extra knights whenever they get healed. You will likely have all of your units moving towards Galerius in the level, so you can swap around depending on the set outcome.

Once you reach Galerius, you need to send in one of your other units to take out the two additional knights, since the thief can only dodge a limited number of attacks. Once those two are knocked out, you can sub in your thief-led unit to fight. They will technically “lose” the first fight, since the amount of health lost when your fighters are reduced to zero will be higher than your damage output.

If another unit initiates combat with Galerius, your thief unit can be swapped in. Just continue fighting Galerius, it might take three or four attempts depending on the level of your magic users. If you see the other two knights get revived, swap to a different unit. Once your thief unit is at 1 HP, just verify that you won’t be taking any damage before starting the next round of fighting. If they are listed as taking damage, send someone else in.


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