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This Dark Souls Tabletop Game Is 50% Off At Amazon For Prime Day Round 2

This Dark Souls Tabletop Game Is 50% Off At Amazon For Prime Day Round 2


Prime Day Round 2 has brought plenty of enticing board game deals, including popular Star Wars miniatures core sets and big discounts on games borne from video games. Yes, we’re talking about the official Bloodborne board game and two of its expansion sets. If you can’t get enough of Bloodborne, you can also grab the official card game at a big discount from Amazon. Bloodborne’s cousin, Dark Souls, came to the party, too, as you can buy Dark Souls: Tomb of the Giants for more than 50% off.

Bloodborne and Dark Souls board game deals

Dark Souls: Tomb of Giants
Dark Souls: Tomb of Giants

Though technically not the “base” version of the Dark Souls board game, Tomb of Giants is a standalone core set that doesn’t require the original Dark Souls board game, which isn’t on sale, to play. Tomb of Giants takes players to the catacombs to wage war against Gravelord Nito, a truly monstrous skeleton of a being who fittingly has an army of skeletons.

Here’s what you get with this dungeon crawler tabletop experience:

  • 18 miniatures
  • 3 character boards
  • 4 game tiles
  • 3 token boards
  • Rulebook
  • Campaign dashboard
  • 15 dice
  • 169 cards
  • 2 health dials

Another Dark Souls core set, Painted World of Ariamis, is available for roughly $65 from third-party sellers on Amazon ($77 directly from Amazon).

Meanwhile, the Bloodborne board game tasks you and your fellow Hunters to work together to uncover the mysteries hidden within the city of Yharnam. The city’s populace has fallen victim to a plague that transforms them into terrifying monsters, and you’ll need to fight through these hordes if you want to survive the night.

To save the city, you’ll need to complete several quests. There are unique Trick Weapons with various forms and powers available, action is carried out through combat decks that let you choose just how you want to attack, and the game’s modular design allows you to build the board as you play for unique sessions. Success or failure will depend entirely on your choices, so you’ll need to play smart and exploit the weaknesses of monsters in each gameplay session, which lasts between 60-90 minutes.

This is also a handsome collection of art, cards, and game pieces rendered in the signature From Software style, and for fans of Bloodborne, the official board game is a treasure trove of physical goodies even when you’re not playing.

There are a couple other great deals on tabletop experiences inspired by video games. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood of Venice is down to $45.51 (list price is $130), while the official Fallout board game is only $44.49 (normally $70). Make sure to click the coupon box on the listing for Assassin’s Creed to get the full deal.

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