The latest installment in the Dark Pictures Anthology, The Devil in Me, is now available, giving players their fourth entry in as many years. In The Devil in Me, knowing how to save everyone is a delicate balancing act of wise, split-second decisions. It’s not easy, and there’s no way to overwrite a fatal error other than starting the game over, so if you’re really keen on seeing the version of the slasher story where no one is slashed–or maybe you just want the related Achievement or Trophy–here’s how to get the best ending in The Devil in Me and ensure everyone survives, even Connie the dog.

How to save all characters in The Devil in Me

If you’ve played The Dark Pictures or games like it before, you know by now that some decisions are more important than others. While some give the illusion of possible death, others really can deliver killing blows to your playable characters. Therefore, this guide will focus on those major branching moments where it’s a matter of life or death.

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Naturally, this guide contains many spoilers, but I’m guessing you knew that before you ended up here. The following steps are listed in the order in which they’ll appear in your game, and I’ll be listing both the name of the location/chapter and the playable character for each crucial moment. There are 12 main scenes that will decide the fivesome’s individual fates, but some scenes contain multiple pass or fail scenarios, so follow along closely.

Blackout – Erin

The first chance for someone to die is when Erin is alone in the dark room and is offered her inhaler by the killer. Take the inhaler and do not attack the killer to survive.

Silver Ash Institute – Erin

In the strange institute wing of the complex, again playing as Erin, don’t use your inhaler and, later, hide inside the closet when you’re given the chance.

Ignition – Charlie

Charlie’s first chance to die is when he’s locked in an incinerator. You need to open the grate on the ground and crawl underneath. It will take two tries, so don’t give up or delay. It’ll also seem like he died as the game cuts away to the curator for more brooding narration, but he’ll have survived–don’t worry.

Breathless – Jamie

When faced with killing Kate or Erin, choose Kate. The reason for this is that Kate will actually survive while Erin will not. Again, trust the process!

Waste Disposal – Charlie

As Charlie, this scene is more about QTEs than traditional decision-making. Be sure to pass every QTE as well as the breathing mini-game, and if you do it right, Charlie lives to smoke another day.

Director’s Suite – Kate and Jamie

Here you’ll play a bit as both Kate and Jamie, and there are actually a few ways out of this alive. The easiest way is to run rather than hide when you’re prompted, then elect to close the moving wall shut right away, causing you to need to pass a QTE right after.

When both characters are in the glass room where one person seems doomed to be crushed, make sure the wall moves to crush whoever has the screwdriver. In my playthrough, I did this by Jamie volunteering for a hero’s death, refusing to turn the wall onto Kate’s side. Like with Charlie in the incinerator, the game cuts away leaving you to think she’s died, but when you return, you’ll find Jamie brilliantly used the screwdriver to pierce and break the glass wall.

Chase – Kate

When faced with running to save yourself or saving Jamie, who has been grabbed by the killer, choose to save her.

Maze – Kate

As soon as you get inside the barn with the killer on your heels, choose to barricade the doors, then choose to run rather than go upstairs.

Cliffside – Charlie

In a disgusting slaughterhouse area, you’ll need to pass the breathing mini-game as Charlie once more. When later doing the balancing mini-game just after Mark has done it, be sure to succeed.

Homestead – Jamie

While you can’t play as the dog, Connie, this is where you save them. When needing to hide inside the big white house, choose the anxious response. Kate will hide behind a sofa, leading Connie to live. There’s another version of this scene where Connie lives, but Jamie does not, so choose this one!

Lighthouse – Mark

As Mark, ignore Erin’s pleas to tie up Charlie. She falsely believes he’s in on the killing spree because the killer orchestrated a scenario where she would believe that. But it’s not true, and tying up Charlie will only get him killed.

Lake – Erin

As Erin, tell Mark to grab the gun when the cop, uh, “drops” it. This won’t work, but he’ll grab some sort of spray as a consolation prize. It’ll be critical later on the getaway boat. Survive that final sequence with the killer and you’ll live to see the sunrise in The Devil in Me.

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