Today in legally-distinct depictions of pop culture figures, indie shooter RoboSquad Revolution has introduced a new character called Saylor Twist to its game, who may or may not resemble a certain incredibly popular Grammy-winning, world-touring American pop star.

Miss Twist joins the cast of RoboSquad wearing her partner Trevon Celcius’s number 87 jersey, along with a white beanie, and various robot parts to match the game’s themeing. RoboSquad developer Zorans Resistance hasn’t said whether Celcius might be added at some point to join Twist in game.

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RoboSquad Revolution is a free-to-play arena shooter that launched last year into early access on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players take on the role of a robot revolutionary, fighting against the human-led Zoran Task Force.

As well as customizing a robot avatar, which come in a variety of classes, players can also make use of humanoid-looking holograms, which project around the robot body to provide different abilities and aesthetics.

RoboSquad already has a healthy number of parody celebrities that can be employed as holograms, from the classic Pelvis Wrexley to modern tech figures like Elias Tusk and Clark Suckerberg–the latter even has the option appear as a creepy lizard person.

RoboSquad isn’t the first game to include a character inspired by Taylor Swift–long-running MMO EverQuest introduced an NPC quest-giver called Sailor Twift for its 22nd anniversary, with other Swiftie-related easter eggs appearing through the quest.


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