Star Wars Jedi boss Stig Asmussen left Respawn in 2023, and now he’s revealed his next project. Asmussen, who also directed God of War games, founded a new gaming studio called Giant Skull, and it features talent from Respawn, Rockstar, Rocksteady, Epic, Sony Santa Monica, and Blizzard. The studio is making “gameplay-driven, story-immersed, AAA action adventure games.”

Giant Skull is based in Los Angeles and also supports remote work. Asmussen said in a news release that the studio’s ambition is to “craft a rich universe that players will want to lose themselves in for years to come.”

Giant Skull has opened its doors
Giant Skull has opened its doors

In addition to Asmussen, the leadership team at Giant Skull includes CTO Jon Carr (Star Wars Jedi: Survivor), art director Patrick Murphy (Fortnite, League of Legends), lead producer Lauren McLemore (Fortnite), design director Jeff Magers (Star Wars Jedi: Survivor), animation director Brian Campbell (Fortnite), and COO/CFO Anthony Scott (Rocksteady). The press release announcing Giant Skull mentioned that talent from GTA and Red Dead studio Rockstar also joined the team, but no names were provided.

Giant Skull’s first game will be a AAA single-player-focused action-adventure title made using Unreal Engine 5. It’s still very early days for the game, and there is no word yet on a potential release date or platforms.

A website for Giant Skull is now online. Users can type prompts into the command console to learn more. For example, typing “GAME” into the console yields a return of “Transported. Becoming. Exhilaration.”

As for the Star Wars Jedi series, a third game in the series is reportedly in the works. EA has made billions from its Star Wars games over the years, but the company recently reportedly canceled Respawn’s Star Wars Mandalorian game after CEO Andrew Wilson said the company was making a strategic decision to scale back some of its licensed game development.


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