Microsoft is trying to encourage coworkers to build trust with one another by adding Solitaire, Minesweeper, and more into Microsoft Teams.

Starting from today, Microsoft Teams now has a range of games built into the video-calling software, including Minesweeper, Solitaire, Wordament, and IceBreakers (thanks, The Verge). You’ll probably remember Minesweeper as that one game that almost no one knows how to play, and Solitaire needs no introduction.

IceBreakers is a game which does exactly what it says on the tin–you’re asked questions about things like whether or not you have pineapple on pizza (the correct answer is yes), as a way to learn more about your coworkers. And Wordament features a crossword/Scrabble-like layout, where you just have to find words amongst the grid.

Anywhere between two and 250 players can join in on Wordament, though the limit on the other games hasn’t been specified.

“The goal of this new app is to make space in the virtual office to pause and re-energize with co-workers,” said an Xbox representative in a statement. “The Games for Work app integrates directly into the flow of the workday—once the app is added, you and your co-workers can seamlessly enjoy the experience inside Teams meetings, turning those minutes into a bit of fun.”

Microsoft noted in its blog post discussing the arrival of the games that a study from Brigham Young University found that “teams who played short video games together were 20 percent more productive than those who participated in more traditional team-building activities.”

All four of the games are free to play, and you’re able to do so across desktop and mobile.

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