The battle for the very heart of Sea of Thieves now seems inevitable, and in Adventure 9, Return of the Damned, you’ll need to find all journals across two islands and two Sea Forts in order to earn all limited-time event cosmetics before the fearsome Flameheart returns. This event is live in-game until November 17, and though it’s perhaps the most straightforward of them all so far, knowing all journal locations still proves tricky, especially when you’ve got phantoms, skellies, and Ocean Crawlers breathing down your neck. Here’s where to find all Return of the Damned journals.

Sea of Thieves journals – Return of the Damned

Characters in Sea of Thieves simply love writing in journals, about as much as folks in Rapture enjoy leaving audio logs. For this adventure, you’ll need to find four journals in total, two from Belle and two from the Servant of the Flame. These journals never change spots, and two of them aren’t far from where you’ll greet these characters.

You can complete this Adventure in any order, playing it as the heroes (Belle) or villains (Servant) first. For this guide, we’ll imagine you’ve sided with Belle first, but you can jump around as needed.

Belle journal 1 – Shipwreck Bay

Belle's first journal
Belle’s first journal

After you speak to Belle and before you leave Shipwreck Bay, head up to the Blackwytche wreck that sits beside Belle’s camp. Head into the captain’s quarters, then out the side door which lets you walk around the upper level. All the way on the other side–basically on the other side of the wall where Pendragon’s portrait hangs–you’ll find the first journal.

Belle journal 2 – Royal Crest Fortress

Belle's second journal
Belle’s second journal

You’ll need to take over Sea Forts to serve the story in this Adventure. Conveniently, the nearest Sea Fort from Shipwreck Bay is also where you’ll find the second journal from Belle. When you arrive at Royal Crest Fortress, head inside and head up to the floor featuring the many beds. At the far end and sitting on the table, you’ll find Belle’s other journal.

Servant journal 1 – The Reaper’s Bones

Servant's second journal
Servant’s second journal

After you’ve completed the story for Belle, you’ll want to do it for the bad guys too, as morally dubious as that may seem. Head to The Reaper’s Bones and look for the Servant outside of his usual tent. Speak to him about the Adventure, then head back and to the right of his usual dwellings. Below a structure featuring red cloths and a ladder, and sitting beside some wooden barrels and planks, will be the first journal.

Servant journal 2 – Mercy’s End Fortress

Servant's second journal
Servant’s second journal

Like with Belle, the Servant’s second journal is located at the Sea Fort nearest to his wicked hangout. Head to Mercy’s End Fortress and, once you’ve cleared the many phantoms or found some breathing room, look inside the dining room which also houses the large map on the wall. Next to the skull hanging on the wall will be your fourth and final journal.

With all four journals found and read, you’ll have finished the only tricky part of this Adventure. Other than that, you’ll just need to take over a fort for each faction, fly their flag, and return a Bewitched Doll, which you’ll find on each Sea Fort naturally. It’s a rather easygoing Adventure, all things considered, even as its story ramifications may soon reveal the dreaded return of the story’s grand existential threat. It’s Flameheart versus Pendragon. Whose side are you on?

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