Resident Evil producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi has started a new studio that is building a new IP that aims to “impress the whole world.” NetEase Games announced that it has opened a new development shop in Japan called GPTRACK50 that hopes to create “entertainment concepts” that appeal globally.

Kobayashi is also known for producing games in Capcom franchises such as Devil May Cry and Dragon’s Dogma. The new studio will be staffed by “experienced professionals” from across gaming, film, and TV.

NetEase said its goal is to build “original IPs that would impress the whole world.”

“The studio strives to build original game contents and to broaden the spectrum from just games to film and entertainment series,” the company said.

GPTRACK50 will be a wholly owned internal studio at NetEase Games. It will focus primarily on PC and console games to begin with the aim of “growing into an establishment with a global media portfolio.” The newly established developer doesn’t have any announced projects as of yet.

NetEase has been making moves in the world of video games lately. Earlier this year, the company acquired Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream and started a new studio with the creator of the Yakuza series. NetEase is also funding a new game from Destiny developer Bungie.

Kobayashi spent more than 27 years at Capcom, where he worked on the original Resident Evil and many of its sequels, as well as a number of other Capcom franchises in the world of video games and anime.

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