Hasbro is releasing a premium replica of Captain Rex’s clone trooper helmet based on his appearance in Star Wars: Ahsoka, complete with battle scarring and his signature blue decals. The helmet also features a built-on voice distortion effect, a moveable viewfinder antenna, and an adjustable fit. The Clone Captain Rex replica helmet is part of Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series, which features other premium helmets, lightsabers, figures, and more.

Star Wars The Black Series Captain Rex Helmet
Star Wars The Black Series Captain Rex Helmet

The Black Series Clone Captain Rex helmet will launch on January 15. Preorders are already sold out at Amazon but are still available for $132 at GameStop, or just $125.39 for GameStop Pro members.

Chances are the helmet will sell out at GameStop as well, so be sure to preorder before they’re gone.

In the Star Wars universe’s lore, Captain Rex was a clone trooper who fought alongside Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars. With Ahsoka’s help, he was one of the few Clone Troopers to resist Order 66 and later joined the rebel army to fight against the Galactic Empire. He is one of the many characters and locations from the Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels animated shows to get live-action representation in the Star Wars Ahsoka Disney Plus series.

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