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Popular Tabletop RPG HeroQuest Is Very Cheap At Amazon For The First Time

Popular Tabletop RPG HeroQuest Is Very Cheap At Amazon For The First Time


The modern iteration of the classic dungeon-crawling board game HeroQuest is discounted to just $48 at Amazon (list price is $135). HeroQuest offers co-op fantasy adventuring similar to pen-and-paper RPGs with the streamlined approachability and setup of board games, so it’s perfect for tabletop newbies and veterans alike. Everything you need to play comes in the box, making this 65% discount an excellent way to check out HeroQuest. We recommend grabbing the game before it sells out, as this price likely won’t be available for long. HeroQuest typically hovers around $100, so this is by far the best offer yet.

Update: As of February 2 at 12:30 PM PT, this deal was sold out. We recommend clicking on button below in case Amazon has since restocked HeroQuest.

HeroQuest is designed for two to five players, with one person playing as the evil sorcerer “Zargon” and his army of monsters, and the rest take the role of one of four heroes: the Barbarian, Wizard, Dwarf, and Elf. Players take turns exploring unique dungeons filled with monsters, traps, and treasure just like classic Dungeon & Dragons modules. The game includes pre-made quests, or you can create your own. While each hero and monster has their own stats and abilities, all information is easily tracked via playing cards and pre-made character sheets–so you won’t have to flip through sourcebooks to read up on a magic spell or confirm a skeleton’s hit points.


The original HeroQuest released back in 1989 and was out of print for many years until this second edition reissue dropped in 2021 with all-new artwork, plastic models, and refreshed rules. The box comes with over 70 detailed miniatures to represent the various heroes, monsters, and dungeon objects–like doors, treasure chests, stone altars, and so on–and over 90 cards for spells, loot, and more. You also get the full HeroQuest rulebook, 14 pre-made quests, a set of six dice, gameboard, and game master screen. Be sure to grab HeroQuest at Amazon while it’s still on sale.

While HeroQuest is a great standalone game that offers plenty of customization, multiple second-edition expansion packs are also on sale at Amazon, including Rise of The Dread Moon for $35, The Frozen Horror for $32 (with coupon code), and The Mage of Mirror for $33 (with coupon code). Each expansion add new heroes, quest lines, creatures, and more. Check the list below for all the HeroQuest expansions available at Amazon.



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