Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has had a fantastic launch, and it’s sold a record-setting amount. According to Nintendo, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has sold over 10 million units worldwide in just three days after its release on November 18.

This is the most copies sold worldwide in three days ever for any Nintendo game, according to the press release. In just a weekend, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sold close to how much Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (14.92 million units) has sold in its lifetime. For additional comparison, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee also moved 14.8 million units in lifetime sales.

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Nintendo also said that domestic sales in Japan accounted for 4.05 million of the 10 million Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sales.

This proves that Pokemon still remains extremely popular, both in Japan and globally. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet did not launch without controversy, as many players commented on the game’s poor performance. The glitches have become somewhat of a meme online, ranging from Pokemon sliding off a lake’s edge to one speedrunners will enjoy. If you hook-up two controllers to your Switch, your character will run twice as fast.

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