Activision has officially revealed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 inside of Warzone with the new Shadow Siege event, which allows players to continue the post-launch story from Modern Warfare 2’s Raid episodes and sets up the narrative for Modern Warfare 3’s campaign. Here’s what Warzone’s live event consists of and what you can expect.

The Shadow Siege event is a limited-time event played on Warzone’s Al Mazrah in a quads playlist. Players are given orders by Shadow Company leader Philip Graves to team up for a group effort to assault the Konni-occupied Zaya Observatory in Al Mazrah and secure chemical weapons.

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The event is played out in stages, requiring squads to drop in and first disable all eight missile silos marked on the map. Once the silos are secured, the Zaya Observatory is bombarded with missiles, changing the landscape of Al Mazrah.

The destruction from the bombardment reveals an underground weapons facility and players must then storm the hidden compound, where Konni has been manufacturing chemical weaponry. The final task is to collect 45 gas canisters combined across all squads, but in typical storyline fashion, securing the chemicals leads to betrayal, and the Russian forces regain control of the chemicals. The Modern Warfare 3 reveal trailer plays promptly after the cutscene ends and focuses on Task Force 141 working together to take down Makarov.

This Shadow Siege event will be available from now until August 21 at 10:30 AM PT / 1:30 PM ET. Even for those who don’t care about the story details, participants can earn six rewards and the full list can be found below.

Shadow Siege Rewards

  • Konni Group emblem
  • Crimson Sound calling card
  • Battle token tier skip
  • Gas Canister weapon charm
  • Serpent Slayer vehicle skin
  • M13C assault rifle

In addition to the in-game reveal, Activision has released a blog post to make several new announcements about Modern Warfare 3, including an open-world Zombies mode, the return of classic multiplayer maps, and more. All the details about Modern Warfare 3’s open beta can be found here.

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