PlayPulse has received funding from NetEase, the Norwegian fitness gaming startup announced yesterday.

The money will be used to help PlayPulse launch its first product, the PlayPulse One exercise bike, early next year.

The bike starts at $1,600 for those who preorder and pay up front, and includes a built-in touchscreen monitor and game controls in the handlebars so users can play customized games with mechanics tied to the user’s peddling.

The PlayPulse website details three such games, but promises a “wide variety of games to come.”

The bike also includes “more traditional” workout software and streaming services video services, with the option of having the screen dim if the user stops peddling.

The size of the investment was not disclosed.

“We are extremely excited to have NetEase Games as an investor and partner in the years to come,” said PlayPulse CEO Erling Magnus Solheim.

“They bring vast experience from the gaming industry and have built an active network of the most experienced creators in the market, and together we can bring PlayPulse to a larger audience.”


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