Mojangs biggest update yet for Minecraft Legends improves PvP communication, introduces lobby roles, new experimental modes, and more.

You can finally pet animals now in Minecraft Legends. Before the update, they didn’t serve any major purpose besides looking cute. But now you can finally show them some love, and each animal has a unique reaction to being pet.

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A new roles system is being introduced to multiplayer. You can communicate with your team via markers and use the following commands: Attack, Defend, Gather, and Default. In addition to the markers, you’ll also be able to request specific structures built, and other players can agree, disagree or suggest something different. On top of that, before you load into a game, you and your friends can assign yourselves roles. Listed below are all the options you can pick from:

  • Builder
  • Explorer
  • Fighter
  • Piglin Hunter
  • Flexible

The latest update allows you to add an experimental mode for both campaign and versus. This will allow you to “modify the game” and change the world around you, which includes resources, gravity, speed, piglins, and more. Even though players will now have the option to alter a lot of different settings, Mojang plans on releasing more custom settings with future updates.

Thanks to a new feature called “Auto Lure,” you’ll no longer have to command mobs to follow you whenever they spawn. The second they appear, they’ll follow you wherever you go. Structure bars have been added to Banner Views and specific battle scenarios going forward, like when players hit a piglin structure with their sword. The game’s prologue has been updated to run more smoothly now, and you can now fast-travel to any village once you’ve defeated the first group of piglins in the prologue.

Other changes include improvements to how creepers act, resource visibility, player empowerment, mob pathfinding, Banner View, PvP rewards, and the game’s UI and HUD. Click here to see the full patch notes for the latest update.

Lastly, as per Mojang’s monthly tradition, a new Lost Legend called The Crucible has been introduced. In The Crucible, you’ll have to clear through nine chambers, and each one is more difficult than the last. To successfully beat The Crucible, you must clear all nine rooms and defeat the boss within 30 minutes. Before you enter each chamber, you’ll have the option to pick from various allies to aid you in battle, and after you come out a winner, you’ll be rewarded with the Crucible Champion Hero skin.

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