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Megan 2, Which Leans Into AI Fears, Has Been Delayed

Megan 2, Which Leans Into AI Fears, Has Been Delayed


Blumhouse’s hit horror movie M3gan is getting a sequel, but fans are going to have to wait a bit longer to see the rogue AI doll return to kill people in new and terrifying ways. Blumhouse and Universal have announced that M3gan 2.0 is shifting from January 17, 2025 to May 16, 2025. That’s a delay of about four months.

Akela Cooper, who wrote the original film, is coming back to write the sequel, while director Gerard Johnstone is returning as well.

Producer James Wan told Empire Magazine that it’s still early days for the M3gan sequel, but he said “M3gan is coming back in a big way.”

“The first film came just at the right time [when concerns about AI were mounting], and we’re definitely leaning into that on the next one. We’re exploring the AI universe even further,” he said, as reported by Collider.

M3gan was a surprise hit when it released in 2023. The movie starred Amie Donald as the body of the doll; Jenna Davis voiced her. The concept was that a company created a robot doll meant to befriend and protect a child, but obviously things go very badly and the doll rises up and goes on a killing spree.

Universal promoted the movie with an outrageous marketing campaign where actors dressed as M3gan went to football games and the Empire State Building and did M3gan’s creepy dance.

M3gan earned $180 million at the box office worldwide and is now streaming on Prime Video.



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