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John Cena Joins Overwatch 2 As The Enigma

John Cena Joins Overwatch 2 As The Enigma


Contrary to his iconic tagline, you can now see John Cena in Overwatch 2. After a week of teases “leaked” during popular streamers such as Shroud, Emongg, Kyedae, and Scump’s Twitch streams, Blizzard has revealed that the wrestler-turned-actor is joining the game as The Enigma, a mysterious figure seemingly aiding Overwatch’s heroic efforts.

Blizzard shared the news in a brief trailer showcasing Cena’s Enigma. In the video, The Enigma is seen hunched over a computer, working in the shadows as he observes omnic uprisings emerge in Rio, Gothenburg, and Toronto. The Enigma then begins a transmission to the former agents of Overwatch, alerting them to these invasions before stating: “Answer the call, heroes. It’s time to fight back.” After sending the message, he removes his hood, revealing not an animated character, but John Cena himself.

Though Cena’s inclusion is certainly a bit surprising–this is the first time Blizzard has added a real-life figure to Overwatch–particularly sleuthy fans predicted he’d be coming to the game thanks to some serious detective work. Last week, a Reddit user shared a clip from one Emongg’s recent streams, noting that the code was in the font family “Felix-Antony’–John Cena’s middle names. In addition, a shortened URL shown in the clip linked to an image reading “JC” using the color code “#042377,” which translates to Cena’s birthday, April 23, 1977.

Additionally, Cena himself teased the collaboration, sharing an Overwatch 2 screenshot from a Twitch stream on his official Instagram page. While the screenshot doesn’t seem to give much away at first glance, the image links to an official “Overwatch 2 dev hang.” And, if you jump to the 1:12:05 timestamp shown in the screenshot, a handful of Overwatch 2 developers can be heard talking with some streamers about some potential collaborations for the game.

In the press release announcing the collaboration, Cena stated he found Overwatch players’ collective Easter egg hunt “fun.”

“It’s been fun seeing the Overwatch community try to put a face to The Enigma,” Cena said. “Sometimes a face you can’t see is just what the world needs to sound the alarm of a looming, worldwide threat.”

In addition to Cena’s cameo, Blizzard also revealed the trailer for Overwatch 2’s upcoming story missions, as well as a Sojourn cinematic. Overwatch 2’s sixth season, Invasion, kicks off on August 10.

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