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Invisible Player Glitch Are Ruining Warzone 2.0 | GameSpot News

Invisible Player Glitch Are Ruining Warzone 2.0 | GameSpot News


As spotted by PCGamesN, Warzone 2.0 players have encountered an issue that causes their opponents to appear totally invisible.

The glitch first became known to the community when streamer SuperEvan posted a gameplay clip to his Twitter account. That footage shows SuperEvan being downed and killed by an opponent who did not appear in his field of view, even though the killcam clearly shows that the attacker was standing directly in front of him. The replies to the streamer’s tweet show a variety of examples of the glitch in action, suggesting that it may be commonplace.

However, things aren’t all bad. A Call of Duty fan booted up Warzone 2.0 recently and discovered they had a very, very generous double XP boost applied to their account and they had no idea why.

In a now deleted post, Reddit user CranberryCarney asked the community, “Can someone tell me how and why I have a 1 YEAR double xp???”

Commenters quickly replied that CranberryCarney was likely a winner of a Mountain Dew promotion that offered up 12 months of double XP in Call of Duty as a grand prize. Now, CranberryCarney doesn’t get double XP for every minute of the next year. Instead, they get one hour’s worth of double XP each day for 365 days after they activate the token, according to the fine print.

And if you’re curious just how many other players Cranberry will be leveling up faster than, the official Call of Duty Twitter account revealed over 25 million players played Warzone 2.0 in its first five days of existence.



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