There are plenty of armor sets for Kratos to wear in God of War Ragnarok, and selecting which one is right for you is most certainly a matter of playstyle. If you’re the kind who prioritizes a healthy mix of defense and offense, though, you may want to consider the Dragon Scaled Armor. Not only is this set required for the “Dragon Slayer” trophy–it’s also a very well-rounded option.

Obtaining the Dragon Scaled Armor will be no quick feat, as it requires you to slay quite a few dragons, drakes, and drekis so that you can take their claws and teeth for yourself. The ability to craft this armor will come as soon as you complete your first optional Dragon Hunt while exploring The Crater in Vanaheim. Here’s what you need to know.

How to craft the Dragon Scaled Armor

Crafting each piece of the Dragon Scaled Armor will require you to obtain enough materials from slaying dragons, drakes, and drekis. There are a total of 9 hunts within The Crater in Vanaheim, meaning you’ll need to thoroughly explore the entirety of the location, taking on favors and tracking these scaled creatures if you want to fully upgrade this armor set.

Dragon Scaled Armor
Dragon Scaled Armor

Below is what you’ll need to obtain each piece, as well as what passive abilities you’ll have when wearing them.

Dragon Scaled Breastplate

Requires: 1 Dragon Claw, 2 Dragon Tooth

Passive: Blocks and Parries grant a buff of increasing Strength and Defense with each stack. Resets when damage is taken.

Dragon Scaled Bracers

Requires: 10 Dragon Tooth

Passive: Increases all shield damage and successful Blocks and Parries now deal damage to nearby enemies.

Dragon Scaled Girdle

Requires: 10 Dragon Tooth

Passive: Increases all shield damage, and successful blocks or parries now deal damage to nearby enemies.

When you’ve crafted all three pieces of the Dragon Scaled Armor, you’ll earn the “Dragon Slayer” trophy. Of course, if you’d like to max the set out at level 9, you’ll need to continue tracking the various scaled creatures around The Crater and slay them for their claws and teeth. When the set is fully leveled up, it provides some massive strength and defense stats, so we’d recommend at least giving it a try.

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