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God Of War 2018 Reaches 23 Milion Sales Worldwide

God Of War 2018 Reaches 23 Milion Sales Worldwide


As part of its latest earnings briefing, Sony has announced that 2018’s God of War has now sold over 23 million units worldwide. This is a big jump over the game’s previous sales record of 19.5 million units as of August 2021, with new sales being boosted by God of War’s recent release on PC. Sony added that it expects the sequel, God of War: Ragnarok, to have a similar performance after it is released this month.

It’s worth noting that God of War’s performance comes from a number of platform sales (PS4, PS5, and PC), with that figure putting it on par with some of Sony’s most successful games. Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man series has sold over 33 million copies worldwide as of May 15, 2022, and that number has only increased since the PC release of the 2018 game. With Miles Morales scheduled to land on PC on November 18, expect those figures to climb even further.

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In other Sony news, the home of PlayStation has had an interesting financial quarter. PS5 sales now stand at 25 million units shipped as of Q2 in the 2022 financial year and PS Plus memberships have declined when compared to the pandemic highs of last year. While PS Plus may have fewer members, the subscription service is making more money off of its userbase with its more expensive membership options.

With the festive season coming up, Sony has a potential blockbuster lined up with God of War: Ragnarok on November 9, which concludes the Nordic saga of Kratos. In GameSpot’s God of War Ragnarok preview, Tamoor Hussain wrote, “My main takeaway thus far is that it’s doing all the right things and I’m confident it will be an enjoyable experience. What remains to be seen is whether it can go beyond this and elevate the experience further.”

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