It’s always handy to have a wired controller on standby, and for Black Friday, you can grab a great backup peripheral that also has a competitive edge to it. The PowerA Fusion Pro 2 for Xbox Series X|S normally sells for $90, but at Amazon, it’s available for just $50.

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The controller can also be used on PC thanks to the USB-C connection, and it features the usual array of buttons that you’d expect for an Xbox device, including the always useful Share button.

Where it sets itself apart from the Xbox wireless controller is with a few key features. It comes with four remappable back paddles, which can be incredibly useful for competitive multiplayer. Speaking of competition, the Fusion Pro 2 has three-way trigger locks, which shorten pull distance and increase your speed.

It also comes with two faceplates to change up its look, rubberized grips, ALPS analog thumbsticks in case you want to alter the height from which your thumbs operate. You’ll be able to keep this in an included protective case when you’re not using it and it has a two-year warranty.

You won’t find a better competitive Xbox or PC controller at this price.

If you’d prefer to stick to the official Xbox controller, that line of hardware is also on sale right now. From the standard carbon black to the more exotic gradients that have recently been introduced, you can check out the best Xbox controller deals for Black Friday now on. For PC players, don’t forget to check out the Black Friday DualSense controller specials now available as well, as the Sony technology provides an immersive and next-gen experience.

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