This week’s update for Destiny 2 is a minor one, but the patch notes have revealed that it’s mostly focused on an Exotic weapon that has undergone some serious overhauling lately. For once, we’re not talking about Telesto. A few weeks ago, Lord of Wolves was temporarily disabled from the game after Bungie discovered that it had been doing far more damage than it was originally intended to.

The powerful shotgun, which has a perk that allows for it to auto-fire a tight spread of slugs when active, was once again fine-tuned to be more balanced in PvP activities. A 25% universal base damage buff was removed and replaced with a 40% PvE buff, with the gun’s ADS accuracy penalty dropping significantly. That fix was only temporary, though, and Bungie found that Lord of Wolves was still doing too much damage on top of its Release the Wolves perk.

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This issue has been addressed in this week’s patch, and another bug related to the extra 20% bonus to aim assist fall-off not being removed from the Rangefinder ability on the shotgun, has also been resolved. This is just one of several ongoing overhauls for weapons in Destiny 2, as a recent mid-season patch saw a wide number of weapon archetypes go under the microscope and get granular adjustments.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, you can read up on how a certain issue in dungeons was impacting Triumphs and the Eververse store’s minor shader bug has been fixed. Season of Plunder’s storyline has begun winding down, and for now, the main activity is the Halloween-themed Festival of the Lost that will be ending on November 8. Season 19 will begin on December 6, and will run until the launch of the Lightfall expansion on February 28.

For more on Destiny 2, you can catch up on all the challenges of the current pirate-themed season, check out a guide on how to defeat the dangerous Champions lurking in high-level activities, and marvel at this Titan who completed a Master Nightfall strike without using any directional keys.

Raids and dungeons

  • Fixed an issue where dungeon solo flawless Triumphs had the incorrect description.
  • Now clarifies that players need to do it in a single activity session
  • Note: This has always been the behavior for all flawless related Triumphs, but it wasn’t explicitly mentioned in these Triumph until now

Gameplay and investment


  • Fixed an issue where Lord of Wolves was increasing ability damage in addition to its own.
  • Fixed an issue where the extra 20% bonus to aim assist fall off was not removed from Rangefinder.


  • Fixed an issue where Angel’s Gleam and Flower Child shaders had incorrect sources listed in Collections.

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