On paper, Dead by Daylight collaborating with Alien sounds like a match made in heaven. Or hell, if you’re playing as a survivor on the run from a deadly Xenomorph. Developer Behaviour Interactive had previously announced that it had a gruesome new event on the way starring the second-deadliest predator in the cosmos–not even an Alien Queen wants to tangle with Nicolas Cage–and this crossover now has a confirmed release date of August 29.

You can check out a new trailer below which sets the mood and shows off the new Nostromo map. A derelict spaceship, an obscene amount of double-mouth drool, and Ellen Ripley doing her best to survive? It’s an Alien event, that’s for sure.

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Behaviour Interactive also shared a few more details on what you can expect from the Xenomorph and Ripley. For nature’s perfect killing machine, the Xenomorph has the ability Hidden Pursuit, which allows it to access one of seven control stations on a map, enter hidden tunnels, and locate nearby survivors. Runner Mode lets a Xenomorph stalker move more quickly and quietly until it needs to enter a cooldown state, which can be achieved by entering a tunnel.

For perks, the Xenomorph has the following killer abilities (via PCGamesN):

The Xenomorph killer
The Xenomorph killer

Ultimate Weapon

Activates for 30 seconds after opening a locker. Survivors entering your Terror Radius scream, reveal their position, and gain Blindness for 30 seconds.

Rapid Brutality

You can no longer gain Bloodlust and hitting a Survivor with a basic attack gives you 5% haste for up to 10 seconds.

Alien Instinct

Activates when you hook a Survivor. You can see the aura of the farthest injured Survivor for five seconds and that Survivor is oblivious for up to 20 seconds.

Ellen Ripley
Ellen Ripley

Ripley isn’t defenseless, and she’ll be able to evade the Xenomorph with perks that emphasize her cunning and ingenuity.

Lucky Star

Activates when you hide in a locker. You leave no pools of blood and make no pain sounds for 10 seconds. When exiting a locker, you can see other survivors and the closest generator’s aura for 10 seconds.

Chemical Trap

After completing a set amount of progress on a generator, this perk will activate. Press the Active Ability Button to install a trap while standing next to a dropped pallet. Other survivors will be able to see these traps, and when a Killer performs the break action on the trapped pallet, the trap explodes and slows them down by 50% for four seconds.

Light Footed

This perk activates when you are healthy and makes your running footsteps silent. Goes into cooldown after you perform a rushed action.

Behaviour Interactive also recently revealed that the Dead by Daylight franchise is expanding across two new games. One is a narrative-driven game in development by Until Dawn studio Supermassive Games, and the other is a multiplayer game that has Scavengers developer Midwinter Entertainment working on it.

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