Cyberpunk 2077 still has one more story to tell in 2023’s upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion, and like previous premium content developed by CD Projekt Red, this DLC will have a price tag attached to it. Speaking to GamesRadar, CDPR’s global PR director Radek Grabowski confirmed that “as for the expansion’s pricing – we have not revealed exact details yet, but it will be a paid one.”

This isn’t a new business tactic for CDPR as the developer expanded on The Witcher 3 after launch with two well-received expansions: Hearts of Stone which cost $10 on release, and the much larger Blood and Wine DLC that retailed for $20 at the time. Like The Witcher 3–which has a free next-gen update on the way–Cyberpunk 2077 also received a substantial amount of free DLC after launch, with the Edgerunners update providing a notable amount of free cosmetics, weapons, and even an extra narrative thread.

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Grabowski mentioned that “our expansions are traditionally cheaper than full-price games,” which suggests that Phantom Liberty may lean towards the Blood and Wine pricing scale as it will give players an entirely new district to explore.

Cyberpunk 2077 has had a very successful stint in 2022, as the combination of game discounts, constant updates, and the critically acclaimed Edgerunners anime series saw a surge in players numbering in the millions.

A new patch has given everyone in Night City an umbrella and protection against accidental nip-slip malfunctions, and fans can look forward to a Cyberpunk sequel in the future. Development is moving from Poland to a new studio in the US, with the core Cyberpunk 2077 team relocating to Boston to start work on the sequel.

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