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Crota’s End Is Returning To Destiny 2 For The Season Of The Witch

Crota’s End Is Returning To Destiny 2 For The Season Of The Witch


Bungie has officially announced that the reprised raid returning in the Season of the Witch will be Crota’s End, a raid that was added with Destiny’s first expansion The Dark Below in 2014. The reprised Crota’s End will also kick off a new World First race for fireteams to compete for a coveted belt.

Crota’s End tasks players with braving the dangers of the Lunar Hellmouth to confront Hive Prince Crota, Oryx’s banished son. Bungie warns players not to be too complacent even if they were familiar with Crota’s End back in the original Destiny, as it has been changed up a little to fit with the Destiny 2 sandbox.

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Crota’s End will be available on Friday September 1 from the daily reset at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. As with other raids, Contest Mode will be active for the first 48 hours for players looking for more of a challenge, or for fireteams looking to contest the World First title.

In order to nab the title, and the coveted World First raid belts for Crota’s End, fireteams will need to complete the raid in Contest Mode, complete the Crota’s End Challenge mode, and earn the Superior Swordplay Triumph. Once a fireteam loots the final chest in Challenge Mode and returns to orbit, they will be crowned World First to be immortalized along with the winners from previous raids.

While only one team can win the World First belts, other teams who complete the challenge will still be rewarded with a unique emblem for their efforts. Bungie will be streaming the World First race for Crota’s End on Twitch Rivals.

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