Call of Duty’s big Season 2 update arrives February 7 for Modern Warfare III and Warzone, and one of the most notable additions is the next BlackCell DLC bundle.

This newest BlackCell offering includes operator skins with an eerie gold and glowing purple hue. They don’t just look snazzy, though, as some of the skins have “reactive decay.” This means your soldier will morph from human to zombie and eventually to a skeleton as you rack up kills.

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BlackCell DLC bundles normally go for around $30, so that’s likely to be the price point for this one as well. In addition to the skins, players who buy the new BlackCell DLC get instant access to the BlackCell sector of the new battle pass map.

Players also get the “Knuckle Sandwich” finishing move, the “Molten BlackCell” animated weapon blueprint for the SVA 545 assault rifle, the “Requiem BlackCell” weapon blueprint for the Sidewinder battle rifle, and an allotment of 1,100 COD Points.

BlackCell bundles debuted in April 2023 and have proven to be very popular and lucrative, and also controversial, as many are taking issue with the hefty price tag.

The Season 2 update introduces new core 6v6 multiplayer maps, as well as a new large-scale War map. The update also introduces another crossover, this one with The Walking Dead, as Rick Grimes and Michonne are coming to the game as playable characters. On the battle royale side, Fortune’s Keep returns to Warzone, and fans are pretty excited about that.

For lots more, be sure to read GameSpot’s full rundown of what’s in the Season 2 update.


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