Developer Jump Over the Age has revealed a new look at Citizen Sleeper 2: Starward Vector and has also confirmed that the game will be coming to Xbox Series X|S as a day-one Game Pass release. A sequel to 2022’s Citizen Sleeper, Citizen Sleeper 2 is set a year after the events of that game and the story once again unfolds at the edge of a star system in crisis.

As the amnesiac android Sleeper, who is back on the run, players will have to assemble a crew, find a ship, and explore the Helion system. Like the first game, Citizen Sleeper draws inspiration from tabletop RPGs and utilizes an action-economy based around rolling dice to flesh outs its story.

“It’s bigger, more varied, more challenging than the original, but with the same deep world-building and freeform gameplay,” Jump Over the Age founder Gareth Damian Martin explained in the new gameplay video. “It’s my attempt to capture what’s special about stories like Cowboy Bebop and Firefly, where it’s not about hauling tons of titanium across the galaxy, but it’s about getting into trouble with a complex cast of characters. Improvising, making do, and always running, on the edge of disaster.”

One of the new locations in the game, Hexport, was also shown off. This space station has areas like The Bends bar, an exchange that serves as the heart of the station, and Factory Row is a salvage yard where you can get your spaceship repaired.

First announced during June’s PC Gaming Show, Citizen Sleeper 2 will also be available on PC. For more details, you can read GameSpot’s Citizen Sleeper 2 interview with Martin as he explains how the game builds on its predecessor to create a deeper story-driven experience.

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