Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available, and as always with a new Call of Duty game, there is a new camo grind to pursue. Modern Warfare 2 includes several base weapon camo challenges, but the most sought after are the four Completionist mastery camos. The mastery camos look really stunning this year, and our guide will walk you through the steps needed to unlock these coveted weapon camos.

How to unlock mastery camo challenges

Modern Warfare 2 camos are divided into two types: Base and Mastery. Before you can unlock the fancy mastery camos, you’ll need to acquire base camos first. Base camos are a bit different this year, but in a surprisingly good way. There are over 180 base camos, and they are all universal this year. Meaning, once you unlock a base camo for one weapon, you’ll be able to apply it to all other weapons in your arsenal. These are no longer weapon-specific base camos.

There are a maximum of four base camo challenges for each Gunsmithable weapon in the game, and you’ll get access to these camo challenges as you level up the weapon. These vary from weapon to weapon, but these are simple challenges like getting a certain amount of kills, double kills, and such. Launchers and melee weapons (weapons without attachments) that aren’t customizable in the Gunsmith only have one base challenge each.

To get started and view the camo challenges, you’ll want to choose a weapon, select the Gunsmith, and tab over to the Customize section. This is where you can view camos, stickers, and weapon charms for customizing your weapons.

It’s worth noting here that the four base challenges will unlock as you level up the weapon, and these unlock levels vary from weapon to weapon.

For example, the .50 GS pistol’s base challenges unlock at levels 2, 10, 18, and 26, while the M4 assault rifle’s base challenges unlock at 2, 8, 13, and 19. Make sure to check out our guide on how to level weapons faster in Modern Warfare 2, and you’ll be completing camo challenges in no time.

Once you have completed all of the base camo challenges for a specific weapon, you will unlock your first mastery challenge, which is for the Gold camo.

All mastery camo challenges

There are four mastery camos that you can unlock in Modern Warfare 2. Unlike base camos, these are not universal and must be unlocked for each weapon individually.


MW2 Gold mastery camo
MW2 Gold mastery camo

Gold is the first challenge you unlock once you complete the base challenges for a weapon. This challenge requires you to get a specific number of kills without dying for a specific number of times. The amount needed varies between guns, but the overall challenge is always the same here.


MW2 Platinum mastery camo
MW2 Platinum mastery camo

To unlock the Platinum mastery challenge, you need to complete the Gold camo challenges for all the weapons in the same weapon class. So, you’ll need to complete all the Gold challenges for assault rifle class in order to unlock the Platinum challenge for assault rifles.

The Platinum challenge will be the same for all weapons of the same class, but vary from class to class. These will be challenges like getting a certain number of longshots or mounted kills.


MW2 Polyatomic mastery camo
MW2 Polyatomic mastery camo

To unlock the Polyatomic mastery challenge, you need to complete 51 Platinum mastery challenges. (At launch, there are 51 weapons in the game, but this can be completed later with any added DLC weapons, so you’ll only need 51 weapons total to unlock the Polyatomic challenges)

The Polyatomic mastery challenge works just like the Platinum challenge. Once you’ve finished the Platinum challenges for a specific weapon class, head back to the Gunsmith and check your new Polyatomic challenges. These challenges will vary from class to class, and this is the last set of challenges to complete to reach the coveted Orion camo.


MW2 Orion mastery camo
MW2 Orion mastery camo

Orion is the final mastery camo in Modern Warfare 2, and in order to unlock the camo, you need to first unlock Polyatomic on at least 51 weapons. There are no additional challenges to complete here, as Orion is automatically unlocked for all 51 of those weapons with the Polyatomic camo earned.

This is a much more simplified version of the mastery camo challenge grind that we’ve seen in recent years, so this shouldn’t be a huge struggle to reach the Orion camos.

If you’re looking for some powerful weapon builds to try, here we suggest some of the best loadouts for Modern Warfare 2. Also make sure to check out our recommended settings guide, which will help you across Modern Warfare 2’s campaign, multiplayer, and Spec Ops.

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