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Call Of Duty Is Getting A Central Hub For The Franchise Going Forward

Call Of Duty Is Getting A Central Hub For The Franchise Going Forward


Call of Duty will have one central hub going forward, where players will be able to access Modern Warfare II, Warzone, Modern Warfare III, and future Call of Duty content all in the same place.

The central hub for the franchise is called Call of Duty HQ, and as detailed in an official Call of Duty blog post ahead of Modern Warfare III’s full reveal on August 17, it will serve as the access point for all future Call of Duty content.

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“Starting with Modern Warfare II and Warzone, and now with Modern Warfare III and beyond, players can navigate all their content in one place, we call it Call of Duty HQ–making it easier to select which game and modes you wish to play,” the blog post reads.

While the name is new, having a hub for multiple Call of Duty games isn’t an original concept. For multiple years running, players have been able to access multiple Call of Duty games from the main menu of whatever the latest installment of the franchise is. Call of Duty HQ sounds like it’s taking that to another level with a commitment to house all of the franchise’s games under one roof going forward.

Having multiple Call of Duty games all in one place makes sense, especially considering Modern Warfare III will be the first time the franchise has released a direct sequel in back-to-back years. Players’ cosmetics and weapons will all carry over from Modern Warfare II into Modern Warfare III, and the game’s campaign will pick up where last year’s game left off. Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare III, and Warzone are all closely intertwined, once again giving an incentive for Activision to group all the various facets of the ever-growing franchise in one place.

Modern Warfare III will be revealed inside of Warzone via a special event called Shadow Siege. Only a few details about the latest installment in the franchise are known ahead of the full reveal, but it has been confirmed that Zombies will be returning after sitting out last year’s game.

Reports have also indicated that multiplayer maps from the original Modern Warfare 2 will be remade for Modern Warfare III and that the classic red dot mini-map may make a return. Players who preorder will be able to play Modern Warfare III’s campaign a week early, with the full version of the game arriving on November 10.

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