One of the best Nintendo Switch video games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is on sale for only $29 for Black Friday. This deal is only available at Walmart at this time, and it just came back in stock today (November 25). It was on sale for this price earlier this week at Walmart and Amazon, but both retailers sold out. It’s possible Amazon will have its own restock soon. That said, Walmart definitely could sell out again.

Breath of the Wild isn’t exactly a new game, of course, but it remains one of the platform’s best titles and in fact one of the best modern games money can buy.

Nintendo games, especially high-profile titles like Breath of the Wild, rarely see considerable discounts. In fact, this is the lowest price we have ever seen on Breath of the Wild at any store, ever.

Breath of the Wild, which was a launch title for the Switch back in 2017, has sold around 28 million copies, and after the busy holiday shopping season, that figure is sure to grow.

A Breath of the Wild sequel called Tears of the Kingdom is in development for Switch and is expected to launch in May 2023, barring any delays.

Breath of the Wild scored rave reviews upon release and it remains a popular game to recommend to friends, family, or anyone else who asks for something good to play on Switch. GameSpot’s Breath of the Wild review scored the game a 10/10, praising its beautiful open world, demanding combat system, and its wealth of mysteries and discoveries that extend well beyond the main quest.

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