Technically, Keychron’s high-quality, super-customizable Q keyboards aren’t meant for gaming. But with a selection of switches (including speedy Linears) and a 1000Hz polling rate via the USB-C wired connection, it can keep up with pretty much any board on this list in terms of gaming prowess. And that’s before you customize it with QMK or VIA programming, the go-to choices for mechanical keyboard fans.

On top of that, the Q series comes in a wide variety of layout choices, with high-quality aluminum bodies, hot-swappable switches, PBT keycaps, double-gasket mounting for that “thocky” feeling, and even case foam for reduced noise and vibration. They’re also mod-friendly and easy to open if you want to really dig into customization. For a keyboard that can handle gaming, writing, and anything else you can throw at it, any member of the Q series is a great choice. The new Q Pro variants add wireless options, too.

The Lemokey L3 is a TKL board from Keychron that offers many of the same features, plus “gaming” wireless (USB instead of Bluetooth), but unfortunately lacks game-specific programming options.


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