A Splinter Cell audio drama is coming to BBC Radio 4 next month.

The adaption, titled Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Firewall, is an eight-part series starring the game’s protagonist, Fourth Echelon agent Sam Fisher.

It revolves around a mission to recruit and train a new generation of operatives for the National Security Agency’s cover action division.

The Archers’ actor Adonis Anthony is cast as Fisher, and Daisy Head stars as his daughter, Sarah. Other cast members include Rosalie Craig, Sacha Dhawan, Nikesh Patel, and The Maze Runner actor Will Poulter.

“I really hope fans of the Splinter Cell game enjoy this, as not only does it have all the action, tension and excitement that the game is famous for, but it also has more elements – there is a lot of comedy, the drama is expanded and horizons broadened by the characters and what they get up to,” said Poulter. “It is taking the best of Splinter Cell and building on that to make something really well-rounded.”

Splinter Cell is also seeing a resurgence in other mediums – a Netflix adaptation of the series is in the works, and Ubisoft Toronto announced last year that it is working on a remake of the original game.


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