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Armored Core 6: Ice Worm Boss Fight Guide

Armored Core 6: Ice Worm Boss Fight Guide


Most boss fights in Armored Core 6 have a few small tricks to beating them, but offer the flexibility to use whatever AC build you want. There are some exceptions though, including the Ice Worm boss fight, which comes during the Destroy the Ice Worm mission in Chapter 3. This is the final mission of this chapter and if you don’t come into this fight with the right weapons setup, you will fail the mission. Here’s everything you need to know about beating the Ice Worm boss fight in Armored Core 6.

How to beat the Ice Worm

The Ice Worm only takes damage when hit in the face.
The Ice Worm only takes damage when hit in the face.

For this fight, you will need to have the shoulder weapon VE-60SNA Stun Needle Launcher, which is automatically unlocked by completing the prior mission. This weapon is necessary for stunning the Ice Worm, so you have to have it equipped. For the rest of your weapon slots, you will want to focus on high damage weapons, like grenade launchers or missile launchers. The reason for this is there is basically a damage check that you have to pass, otherwise you automatically fail the mission. Don’t worry though, you won’t need to fight any smaller enemies during this mission, as you will have some companions that will take care of that.

The mission structure is simple, you need to take down the Ice Worm’s shield by shooting it in the face with the Stun Needle Launcher. The worm moves a ton and you need to hit in the face–the game tells you the head, but it needs to be the face straight on. Just wait for the Ice Worm to stop moving and shoot. The Stun Needle takes a few moments to fire after activating it, so you need to lead the shot slightly.

Once you take down the shield, another companion will fire a massive railgun at the worm, stunning it temporarily. You need to shoot the worm in the face while it’s down, as this is the only time it takes damage. You only get to do this three or four times before the railgun breaks down. If you do not finish the Ice Worm off on the final attempt, the mission fails automatically. With your explosive weapons, just fire as many times as you can in the Ice Worm’s face. The Stun Needle does a decent amount of damage and you have enough ammo to use during the damage phase. If you find yourself not doing enough damage to clear the mission, you probably need to buy some higher damage output weapons in the shop. The more damage the weapons deal, the better.

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