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Apex Legends Mobile – Empire’s Treasure Event Guide

Apex Legends Mobile – Empire’s Treasure Event Guide


Apex Legends Mobile Season 3: Champions is in full swing, with a jam-packed event schedule full of opportunities for players to earn free loot. One of those events is Empire’s Treasure, a unique event that takes the randomized loot box mechanic often seen in store events and blends it with the standard, non-store-event format.

Empire’s Treasure gives players the opportunity to earn eight random prizes by purchasing Draw Tickets. But instead of spending real-life cash to purchase Draw Tickets, Empire’s Treasure allows players to get their hands on Draw Tickets without having to spend a single coin of Syndicate Gold. The catch? Instead of buying Draw Tickets, players have to earn them. Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial to help you make the most of this event–and unlock those prizes as quickly as possible.

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Getting Started

Unlike many Apex Mobile events, Empire’s Treasure treasure does not have a pop-up splash screen advertising the event. To reach the event hub, select the orange-and-white “Seasonal Hub” banner located on the right side of the main lobby screen.

Currently, Empire’s Treasure is at the top of the event list in the Champions Hub, so simply select the icon advertising the event. If, however, the event is no longer pictured on the main Champions Hub page, select the “Limited-Time” tab located at the top of the screen. This will take you to a list of all active events. Select “Empire’s Treasure” from the vertical list of tabs on the right side of the “Limited-Time” screen to be taken to the event hub.

The Empire's Treasure event hub tracks your progress.
The Empire’s Treasure event hub tracks your progress.

Draw Tickets

Once you’ve reached the event hub, you can check out the challenges and rewards. But as previously mentioned, this event is unlike any that have come before it. Instead of accumulating Challenge Points to unlock each prize on a free reward track, players must use Draw Tickets to randomly unlock one of the event’s eight prizes.

Normally, Draw Tickets can only be bought with Syndicate Gold. Like standard random-roll store events, players must use Draw Tickets to unlock a random prize from the pool, with the cost of each Draw Ticket increasing each round. But unlike standard store events, this event’s Draw Tickets cannot be bought, they can only be earned.


Instead of purchasing them with real money, players obtain draw tickets for completing event challenges. But the event hub doesn’t exactly make this clear, and the challenges themselves are easy to overlook. To access the event’s challenge list, select the + symbol located right beneath the prize pool, to the left over the “Open” button. This will bring up the list of event challenges so you can look them over (or claim your Draw Tickets once you’ve completed them).

Each challenge rewards players with a different number of Draw Tickets. Some event challenges refresh daily, while others do not. The event’s challenges are as follows:

  • Log in for 4 days: 5 Draw Tickets (Note: This challenge does not refresh.)
  • Deal 500 damage with LMGs in any mode today: 2 Draw Tickets
  • Use throwable ordinances 5 times today: 1 Draw Ticket
  • Deal 800 damage in Ranked Mode today: 1 Draw Ticket
  • Win two matches in TDM Mode today: 3 Draw Tickets
  • Kill 20 enemies in Ranked Mode: 4 Draw Tickets
Don't forget to claim your Draw Tickets after completing each challenge.
Don’t forget to claim your Draw Tickets after completing each challenge.

As you can see, completing the first day’s challenges will earn you 16 Draw Tickets. But don’t forget: The amount of Draw Tickets you need to unlock a random prize increases each round, so don’t expect to finish this event in a single day. The number of Draw Tickets needed appears to increase by one ticket per round, meaning you’ll need a minimum of 36 Draw Tickets to unlock all prizes.

That said, the Empire’s Treasure event challenges are generally pretty easy to complete, especially if you have a premade squad to watch your back and help you accomplish your goals. As long as you stay focused on the challenges and devote at least three days to the event, you should be able to redeem all eight prizes.


Speaking of prizes, the rewards players can earn from the Empire’s Treasure event are as follows:

  • 1 Syndicate Pack
  • 300 Flux
  • 1,000 Champions Coins
  • 2,000 Champions Coins
  • Sugar Skull banner badge
  • Anubis user avatar frame (Epic)
  • Sombrero weapon charm (Rare)
  • Fast and Fatal Octane legend skin (Rare)
Octane's Fast and Fatal skin is one of eight free prizes available via the event.
Octane’s Fast and Fatal skin is one of eight free prizes available via the event.

Remember that this event is completely randomized, so there’s no telling which item you’ll unlock first. It appears that the odds of unlocking any given prize are the same. Unlike the store events Empire’s Treasure is modeled after, every item has an equal chance of being unlocked. There is also no risk of duplicate prizes–once you’ve unlocked a prize, it’s removed from the loot pool entirely.

The Empire’s Treasure event ends on November 11 at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. But if you’re craving more Apex Mobile action, make sure you’ve finished your Champions battle pass and unlocked Season 3’s debut legend, Ash. If you still can’t get enough, check out our Season 3 event guide for an in-depth look at all events that are currently live.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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