Persona 3 Reload has been lauded for being a largely faithful remake of the beloved PS2 classic. But that does not mean there aren’t numerous changes, both small and large that make Reload stand apart from the three other versions of Persona 3. We’re gonna break as many of them down as possible, because well frankly it’s fun. Whether you started with Reload and are curious about what is new, or you’re an original fan who wants to reminisce about the good old PS2 era.

Most of this will be focused on gameplay and visual differences. I will be touching on story differences but I’m not gonna be breaking down every little new story addition, because there are a lot of them and that would be its own video and also I’m not interested in spoiling everything. But of course this will still have spoilers so maybe don’t watch this if you want to experience the game completely fresh. I will be talking about everything up to the beginning of September in-game.


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