You might think that you have some fast fingers when it comes to Guitar Hero, but are your digits quick enough to keep up with a classic Lynyrd Skynyrd track that has been sped up by 300% on expert difficulty? That’s the challenge that took streamer Carny Jared hundreds of attempts to nail, finally completing the song without missing a single note in the process.

Anyone who is familiar with Free Bird knows that it starts out deceptively simple, but around the halfway mark, the 1974 track shifts into turbo and unleashes dueling guitars that increase in intensity. Translated to Guitar Hero 2’s gameplay, it makes your TV screen resemble an advert for Skittles.

Warning: NSFW language in the video below.

“This is the cumulative effort of many months,” Jared wrote in the description that captured his moment of triumph. “It took 533 full combo runs to the solo and countless hours of frustration, but finally the Free Bird world record is absolutely annihilated.”

According to Jared, the previous Guitar Hero 2 world record had the song playing at 235% on expert mode. And for his next challenge, Jared plans to take on Guitar Hero 3 and its legendary finger-shredding track, Through the Fire and Flames.

Guitar Hero as a franchise has been dormant since the last game in the series, Guitar Hero Live, released in 2015. After the online component of that game was shut down and took 200 songs with it, the franchise was seemingly laid to rest, but never say never. According to Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick, Guitar Hero could be revived one day, and if Microsoft completes its acquisition of the company, there’d be more resources to put a new spin on the musical series.

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