Starting today, every Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One console owner can join a Discord voice call directly from the console, without using the mobile app.

You can activate Discord voice chat from your console via the following steps:

  1. Link your Discord and Xbox accounts (You might have to relink it if you’ve linked it before).
  2. On the Xbox dashboard, open the Xbox Guide.
  3. Scroll to the parties & chats button, and select the button with the Discord logo that reads, “Join a voice channel.”
  4. From there, scroll through the list of servers and voice channels. Pick one to join in on Console.

Each voice channel button will display a preview of the users in the chat, just like on the Discord app.

Discord integration launched for Xbox Insiders back in July and for all console users in September, but previously you had to transfer the call from Discord to your console via the Xbox mobile app. Now, you can activate chatting directly from the console itself.

In related news, voice call noise suppression should be getting better in Discord generally, including when connecting on Xbox. Discord is working with Krisp, a noise-cancelling app, to reduce outside noise on calls. You can turn off noise suppression on Xbox in the options section of the Discord call UI.

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