The wait is just about over. God of War Ragnarok releases this Wednesday, November 9 for PS5 and PS4. It’s easily one of the biggest games of the year, so naturally it has multiple editions–four to be exact. Unfortunately, the two priciest editions–the Collector’s and Jotnar–are currently sold out. It’s possible that retailers will restock on launch day, but it’s certainly not guaranteed. Even if you can’t get your hands on one of those editions, it makes sense to preorder God of War Ragnarok, since you’ll get some bonus content with the Launch Edition.

Though God of War Ragnarok is releasing on both PS5 and PS4, you’ll definitely get the most out of the game on PS5. PlayStation is releasing God of War Ragnarok PS5 and PS5 Digital bundles that come with a voucher for the game. The PS5 bundle costs $560, while the PS5 Digital bundle goes for $460. You’re saving 10 bucks versus buying the console and game separately.

God of War Ragnarok Preorder Bonuses

God of War Launch Edition bonsues
God of War Launch Edition bonsues

If you preorder any edition of God of War Ragnarok, you’ll receive two in-game cosmetics: Kratos Risen Snow Armor and Atreus Risen Snow Tunic. These are “Launch Edition” bonuses, so the code will be in the box or added to your PlayStation account upon purchasing a digital version. Though there’s a chance you can snag the Launch Edition in stores without preordering on November 9, your best bet is to preorder. After all, God of War Ragnarok will undoubtedly be one of the best-selling games of the holiday season.

We gave the game a 9/10 in our God of War Ragnarok review thanks to its stellar writing and characters, great combat, and gorgeous visuals. “Despite being a story about warring gods and the end of the world, the soul of the game is something far more sentimental,” critic Tamoor Hussain wrote. “For every moment of brutality, there is one of genuine and relatable emotion. How they land will vary from person to person, but there were multiple that left me with tears welling up. If nothing else, God of War Ragnarok further cements Sony Santa Monica’s narrative team as one of the best in the business.”

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