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Vampire Survivors’ Directer’s Cut Is Real And Correctly Spelled

Vampire Survivors’ Directer’s Cut Is Real And Correctly Spelled


After teasing it numerous times in plain sight, Vampire Survivors developer Poncle has confirmed the existence of a “Directer’s Cut” of the popular game in its latest update notes.

The Directer’s Cut of Vampire Survivors (which is named after a secret boss in the game) was initially shown off by accessibility consultant Laura Kate Dale, who was shown the version of the game at a recent event. Dale was allowed to share footage of the game, which showed off the new main menu that will introduce players to “wild new characters, stages, weapons, accessories and evolutions.”

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Poncle then confirmed that the version was real by alluding to the supposed leak in the latest update notes for Vampire Survivors, cheekily pointing out that this wasn’t the first time it had shown it off at an event. It seems Poncle has been slyly seeing just how much it could show off before the existence of the Directer’s Cut would catch on, which finally happened, to the studio’s apparent joy.

“Did you see any of the Directer’s Cut footage online?” the update states. “That’s something we’ve been doing in most events (since TGS 2022)–hiding some of the future content for the game in plain sight, but this time it blew up online!”

The update goes on to confirm that all the content shown off online is planned for release when the Directer’s Cut launches in the future, and that all of it will be released free to existing players. The note specifies that this content is what Poncle has planned for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

Vampire Survivors and its DLC recently released on Nintendo Switch, giving you another way outside of the Steam Deck or Asus ROG Ally to take your vampire slaying habits on the go. The captivating rougelite originally released on PC, and had since arrived on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S (as well as on Game Pass), before it made its way to Android and iOS for free. A PlayStation 5 version has not been confirmed.

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