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Top 23 Things We Had To Test: Modern Warfare 2

Top 23 Things We Had To Test: Modern Warfare 2


Modern Warfare 2, the sequel to fan favorite reboot, Modern Warfare 2019, has amazing attention to detail and a sandbox full of tools you can learn to use in creative ways. In this test video, we’re starting with our favorite and most pressing test. Based on a developer tip from Infinity Ward, we’re seeing if you and your squad can hang off the skids of a flying helicopter. Then, we’ll be looking into what can actually stop the game’s notorious Riot Shield, which is currently broken and invulnerable to VTOL Jets and Chopper Gunner killstreaks. That means throwing RPGs, Claymores, Mines, Drill Charges, and armor penetration rounds against it, even a Juggernaut. And speaking of Juggernauts, we’ll also be seeing just how many shield bashes it actually takes to kill one.

After that, we’re helping out new players by showing them how to survive a Proximity Mine by dolphin diving and how to disable or delay various types of dangerous equipment using DDOS, the Spotter Perk, Shock Sticks, or Stun Grenades. We’ll also test the limits of Shock Sticks against lethal equipment on the ground or even if other players are still holding it, and the results might surprise you. We’ll then test to see if any gear can save your noggin from sniper bullets.

Modern Warfare 2 is on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PS5, and PC with crossplay and cross-save. Campaign and multiplayer are out now and we’ll run more test videos when the battle royale Warzone 2.0 and DMZ release on November 16th.



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