If you’ve ever wanted to protect your home from a rampaging gamma-powered monster attack, you can now do so with the ultimate scarecrow. Collectibles company Queen Studios has announced its latest project, a life-size Hulkbuster replica straight out of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Again, this is a life-size reproduction of the Mark 44 Hulkbuster, so you’re going to need plenty of space to display it.

It stands at 3.5 meters tall with its base and features detailed battle damage, internal lighting, and screen-accurate Iron Man armor colors. Posed in a battle-ready stance, it rests on a torn-up piece of road for a display base.

It's fine, we can buff those dings out.
It’s fine, we can buff those dings out.


Queen Studios hasn’t revealed a shipping date or how much this will cost, but if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it. As for how you’re going to get this through your front door, that’s a problem for future-you.

For a more compact alternative, Queen Studios does offer a quarter-scale Hulkbuster. It’s still a chunky collectible, but at least you won’t need a helicopter to airlift it and drop it into your home. Hulk dental surgery-punching action, not included. The life-size collectible will probably only be available in a very limited run, so if you feel like dropping some considerable cash on it when preorders go live, you better move quick.

In other Iron Man news, the armored Avenger is getting a brand-new solo video game in the future from EA and its EA Motive internal studio. You can also command Iron Man in battle in December’s Midnight Suns or use his incredible power in the collectible card game Marvel Snap.

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