The only thing standing between the world and ultimate destruction in The Entropy Centre is you and a series of puzzles. That’s a lot of pressure. Now that you’re on the second set of puzzles, things are only going to get more difficult. Don’t buckle. If you’re having trouble, we’ve got you covered. Following the 01 puzzles, to actually get into the 02 test rooms, you’ll first need to turn off a leaky gas valve by rewinding a crank, then grab the electronics panel beyond and slot it into the spot next to the door. Finally, rewind the panel to fix it, then the door should open.

Now that you’re in, here’s how to complete the next set of puzzles.

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Puzzle 0201

Introducing the time gate. The time gate will vaporize any time data from the cubes in the puzzle. This means if you try to take the cube that you need to open the door, it’s going to reset back to its original position.

No rewind needed.
No rewind needed.

Don’t overthink it. There’s a second cube on the other side of the time gate. Place it on the switch that deactivates the gate, then go and grab the stranded cube. Bring it over and place it on one of the switches by the door. Go back and pick up the cube that was keeping the time gate disabled and place it on the other switch by the door. That’s all there is to it; no rewinding is needed.

Puzzle 0202

This puzzle throws a fast one. While it looks like you just need to disable the time gate and raise the elevator while you’re on it, you also need to open a door at the end. This means that one of the two cubes needs to make the journey with you while the other cube operates the door and the elevator.

Don't forget your weighted companion cube.
Don’t forget your weighted companion cube.

Once again, think backward. Place the cube on the elevator switch then move it to the time gate switch. Take the other cube and journey through the time gate and onto the elevator. Rewind the the first cube until it’s on the elevator button. This will raise you up, and all you need to do now is place the cube you were carrying on the door switch.

Puzzle 0203

Similar to the last puzzle, you’re going to need one of the cubes to manipulate the buttons and the other to open the final door. There are two switches on the ground, one opens the intermediary door, and the other moves the elevator.

Big job for a little cube.
Big job for a little cube.

Place your button cube on the leftmost button, then move it over to the right, then set it on the floor. Take the second cube up to the moving platform with you, then rewind the button cube onto the elevator switch. Cross the gap and get off with your cube. Rewind the button cube to the door switch, then carry your companion cube over to the final switch. Drop it, and you’re off to the next one.

Puzzle 0204

ASTRA warns you that things are about to get real, and they aren’t kidding. Puzzle 0204 can be a bit of a head-scratcher, but the solution is somewhat simple. It’s just different. There’s a moving platform, and a button on the other side of a gap that opens the exit. You only have one cube to mess with.

Take that, physics!
Take that, physics!

First, place the cube on the moving platform. You’re not going with it on its journey. Walk across the room and stand on the button that operates the platform. Wait until the cube is right overtop of the pedestal button, then step off the platform switch. The cube will start moving back. Rewind the cube and it will travel across the gap itself. Hit the Stop Rewind button and the cube will drop onto the switch.

Puzzle 0205

Two cubes and a time gate. You’re going to need to get both of them up to the high ground, but one of the cubes is needed to keep the gate open. The solution is rather simple, as long as you don’t overthink it. Use one of the cubes to open the gate, then carry the other cube up and drop it on a switch. Pick the cube back up and jump off the platform. Place it on the time gate button.


Now, grab the cube you were initially used to keep the time gate open. Carry it up and place it on one of the buttons. Now, you should be able to rewind the other cube up onto the platform, letting you through the exit and onto the elevator to the next set of puzzles.

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