Director Shawn Levy, known for his work on Stranger Things and the Night at the Museum film series, is making a Star Wars movie, and now he’s provided an update on how it’s coming along. Speaking to Collider, Levy said he and the team had just started the process of developing the sci-fi film when the writer strike began in May.

Hollywood actors went on strike in July, and now production is paused indefinitely. “So we are in that holding pattern that so much of our industry is in,” Levy said.

The same is true for Levy’s new Real Steel TV series for Disney+. “I want it as badly as the lovers of Real Steel want it, so alive, but paused,” Levy said.

Not much is known about Levy’s Star Wars movie, but he previously told Collider that he feels like he has a “golden ticket into a galaxy far away.”

“You better believe I’m not going to squander this juiciest of opportunities. I’m going to work my ass off,” he said.

Levy’s current project, Deadpool 3, is also stalled due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes. He has a full plate, as Levy is also working on more episodes of Stranger Things in addition to Star Wars and Deadpool 3. He’s also rumored to be in the mix to direct Avengers: Secret Wars.

Levy’s Star Wars movie is one of many in development. Others include films that bring back Daisy Ridley as Rey, a movie from Dave Filoni, and a film about the dawn of the Jedi from James Mangold.

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