South Park: Snow Day is arriving in 2024, and it’s bringing Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny into the third dimension. Unlike previous South Park games, Snow Day is a cooperative adventure that features a whole new 3D art style. This is a big departure from the 2D graphics of Fractured but Whole and The Stick of Truth that mimicked the animated show. Though we still don’t know much about the upcoming game, big South Park fans can preorder a copy now for PS5, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X for only $30.

This time around, you’ll be following the gang as they celebrate a day off from school (thanks to those snowy Colorado winters) and set out on a quest to save the world. Up to four players can jump into the cooperative action, and its first trailer shows off what appears to be fast-paced, real-time combat. Beyond that, much is left to speculation.

Developed by Question Games and published by THQ Nordic, South Park: Snow Day is set to launch sometime next year. We’ll update this preorder guide with more details as they become available.

South Park: Snow Day Preorder Bonuses

Since there still isn’t a firm release date for Snow Day, no preorder bonuses are currently up for grabs. It’s possible this will change in the future, but for now your decision to preorder probably will depend on how much you love South Park.

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