Sonic Frontiers’ first piece of free DLC is already here, and it’s a strange one. The crossover between Capcom’s Monster Hunter and Sonic is perhaps one of the most unexpected we’ve seen this year, but there’s no denying that the blue hedgehog’s Rathalos costume is pretty cute.

This collaboration pack adds a few new outfits to the game, including the Hunter’s Rathalos Outfit and the Felyne’s Rathalos Outfit. It also includes Monster Hunter’s famous grilling minigame, which can be found at any of Big the Cat’s grilling spots.

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Some Steam reviews suggest that the grilling minigame lets you farm for fishing coins fairly effectively, so check that out if you’re low. Personally, though, I think that they should’ve made the characteristic steak into Sonic’s famous chili-dogs. Seems like a slam dunk.

Sonic Frontiers came out earlier in November, and so far, it’s elicited a wide range of reviews. While the game is currently sitting at a rare “overwhelmingly positive” review total on Steam, some critics took issue with its technical issues, particularly its awful draw distance. In our Sonic Frontiers review, critic Richard Wakeling described it as a bold new direction for the series, though he noted that the game’s “open-zone” design was mostly familiar.

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